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Hurrah, I have made a bingo for the [community profile] kink_bingo January mini-challenge, which is tiny bingo! It is not only a bingo, but a multi-multimedia bingo! We have here these tiny things:

One vid (MCU, Tony Stark, 8 seconds, NSFW)

Breathplay from MC Angmar on Vimeo.

Password: breathe

One meta (MCU, orgies/decadence, 64 words)

Why The Avengers Should Get It On: An Essay

Because it's about trust as much as it is anything else, letting that many people have access to your junk. Because it's about having your buddy's back, earning their trust enough to be allowed access to their junk. Because it might even be a little about togetherness and love and other non-junk-related things.

Also because it's really fucking hot, what with that junk everywhere.

One podfic (no fandom, begging, NSFW)

Nineteen Seconds
A little bit of moaning and begging what has no redeeming value
Download at sendspace

One icon (MCU, Tony Stark, mechanical/technological)

(Free to use with credit)

And one fic (MCU, Tony/Pepper, washing/cleaning, 72 words)

"You're too good to me," Tony sighed, sinking deeper into the bathtub. Pepper's fingertips felt amazing swirling over his scalp, working the shampoo into his sweat-drenched post-battle hair.

"Yes, I am," Pepper told him, and while he was still freaking out over that statement, she pushed him down, dunking his head. When he came back up, gasping for air, she kissed the top of his head. "But you're good enough for me."

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