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Title: M9J-203
Summary: John takes part in a ritual that changes everything.
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Word Count: 10002
Rating/Contents: NC-17, torture, BDSM, infidelity
Pairing: John/Rodney, John/OMC
Policies: Read my archiving, feedback, and warnings policies here.
A/N: Written for [community profile] sgareversebang. Thanks so much to my betas, [personal profile] shadowen and [personal profile] cesare!

M9J-203 )

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1. Blake's 7 is SO EPIC, GOD. Like, I can't stop watching it. It's like crack cocaine. And I was all ready to come over here and rant about how the things about it that piss me off are the complete absence of minority representation and the way the female characters are underutilized; and then in the NEXT EPISODE, they introduced Dayna, who is made of HOT and WIN, and whose first order of business on the show is to kiss Avon right on the mouth.

Well played, Blake's 7.

You all have to go and watch it (fyi, the episodes are listed in reverse order), like, yesterday, because I just want to squee my face off about it, and I think [ profile] arymabeth is getting a little overwhelmed. I gotta spread the tidal wave of fangirl around a little bit, y'know.

2. I actually kind of don't have anything to do this weekend for school, and it feels really bizarre. I'm trying to get a little writing done, but, meh. I'm trying to power through the middle third of my AU Big Bang story, which still doesn't have a plot; I also need to finish my story for the Sex Is Not the Enemy ficathon, but I'm going through one of those spats where it feels like I'm just writing the same story over and over again. This is in despite of the fact that the story I'm trying to write is 1) het 2) in a fandom I've never written before (LOL GUESS WHICH ONE). IDK, IDK. Maybe I will set this one aside for the nonce and whip up something shorter. Or maybe I will go scare up some food and try to attend to my dishwasher situation (it is a long drama involving a faulty bottle of Cascade, which has resulted in my entire stock of dishes being out of commission at once).

3. ...I don't know that I have a third thing. A post just looks unbalanced without three things, y'know?
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Someone please tell me that the title of the NCIS D/s AU I'm writing for [ profile] au_bigbang cannot be "If He Hollers, Let Him Go".

Please. Do it for the children.

Anyway, have this meme, what I stole from [ profile] villainny:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then repost this and spread the love.
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1. Every time I remember that there exists someone named Rodney Stark, my day gets a little bit better. I've never read any of his stuff; his name just pleases me in my soul.

2. So, I still hate facebook, but my weird obsession with Happy Pets continues unabated. I'm frantically trying to breed Mer and Lorne, but it isn't working, dammit, possibly because Sheppard was, like, a foot away the last time. I also have a slight issue with my Star Trek room. Ronon and Teyla's baby came out to a lovely Command Gold, so there's no issue there, but the auto-generated name that Mer and Sheppard's baby was assigned was so perfect that I didn't have the heart to change it. So currently, the crew of the Enterprise is represented by Scotty, Bones, Kirk, and Crazy Eddie.

3. Untitled NCIS AU Big Bang

2675 / 15000 words. 18% done!
ETA: (0122 1/18/10)

3008 / 15000 words. 20% done!

I still don't have a plot! But I don't think I need one! I have sub!Probie! And lots of tops who want to get with him! Even Julian Lodge! And it's not even fucking raining a real crossover!

4. You guyyyys, I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Lazy TA is so very lazy.
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[Poll #1511311]
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[Poll #1510345]
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Title: Nice Place To Visit
Summary: When an accident leaves John and Rodney stranded on a far-flung planet, Rodney gets a crash course in- among other things- cultural relativity, calligraphy, BDSM, and the care and feeding of heavily drugged Lieutenant Colonels.
Preview: Available here.
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Word Count: 42960
Rating/Contents: NC-17, with warnings: (skip) This story deals heavily with consent issues. While there is no non-consensual sexual activity depicted, some readers may find certain scenes objectionable or triggering. Consensual D/s relationships are also depicted and explored; there are graphic depictions of bondage, spanking, and non-permanent marking.
Pairing: Rodney/John, Weir/Caldwell
Notes and Acknowledgements: About ten months ago, I sat down and thought, "You know what would be hilarious? If aliens did something to make John submissive all the time, and it turned him into the most useless motherfucker in two galaxies."

And so, this happened.

I'd like to give huge thanks to my lovely betas, [ profile] aliaras and [ profile] mecurtin, to my loving fangirl [ profile] arymabeth, and to my flist, all of whom were instrumental in turning a weird little 5000 word slavefic into the sprawling (but still weird) epic you see before you. I couldn't have done it without them; it's up to you to decide whether that's a good thing or a bad one. Also, I'd like to give a nod to [personal profile] bell, whose Take It planted the seed that became this story.


Start the story!

Also, remember to go and see [personal profile] calcitrix's fantastic companion artwork, Looking Homeward and Warrior's Respite!

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So, I thought, since there are so many stories, you would like to hear what I thought of them? I'm not doing art reviews, because, despite having a truly insane amount of training in iconography (for someone who's not an iconographer), uh, I don't really get how to art or how to talk about it? So, like, if John was a Christ figure and Rodney was dressed in the regalia of the Young Maize God and falling into the maw of the underworld, I'd be all over it.* Otherwise, every review I would write would say either "Ooh, purdy" or "That one dude's face looks weird."

Anyway. You should assume all these reviews have spoilers, but I've tried to keep anything really major back.

[ profile] dreamwaffles - Calling Down the Lightning OMG! Wizards! )

Bottom line: Lovely characters. And magic! Highly recommended.

[ profile] forestgreen - No Good Deed

I can't really properly review this fic, because I betaed it, and so I read it in pieces/before it was finished. But, I'm mentioning it because you should read it anyway, especially if you like John/Cam, John+Rodney, late SG-1, or thieves. Also check out [ profile] crysothemis's illustration of John and Raven, which is awesome.

Kat Reitz ([ profile] zaganthi) and [ profile] perryvic - Mercy of the Fallen OMG! Demons! )

Bottom line: Fighting demons! Going to Hell! Hot sex! Of course I recommend it!

[ profile] omg_wtf_yeah - The Long Engagement OMG! Steampunk! )

Bottom line: If you really like steampunk, you might like this story. Otherwise, I don't recommend it.

*Anyone who draws that gains my undying affection forever. I'll even give you references.


Nov. 13th, 2009 02:35 pm
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What are you reading? What's on your list? What should I read first?! Like, I had a plan, and shit, and I was all set to start with [ profile] telesilla's story, then, uh, it kinda turned into not the week for me to read that, so my plan is blown! I keep scrolling down the list aimlessly!

I've already read No Good Deed, cause I betaed it, and obvs I'm not about to read my story again, but otherwise I have no idea! YOU GUYS, HELP.

PS! One of my original artists did finish! So there is another piece of lovely work that will go up later today! And it is very lovely.
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If you want to know what I look like this morning, please see my icon.

DUDE YOU GUYS [ profile] sgabigbang IS UP.

I kinda wrote this story? It is called Nice Place To Visit. [ profile] calcitrix- who is totally my hero and who stepped in at the very last of last minutes- has put together some damn fine art, which I will have to get around to properly squeeing about after class.


Now I have to put on some pants and go to K'iche, and Maya, and Linguistics, and also a lecture. BUT I WILL BE BACK AFTER THAT. KEEP THE INTERNET WARM FOR ME WHILE I AM GONE.
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1. So I finally read Unseen Academicals. Spoilers, obvs )

1a. Ponder Stibbons and Jimmy Palmer: Separated at birth? Y/MFY

1b. Reading about the Wizards always leaves me STARVING. They just eat so much, and it all sounds so very delicious. I would do unspeakable things for (and to) a bacon sandwich right now.

2. Is it just me, or does anybody else parse [ profile] sgagenrefinders as "sga-gen-refinders"? As in, people who look for lost gen? I just can't unsee it.

3. OMG! Preview is up for my [ profile] sgabigbang story! OMG!

4. Now, I think it is time to make a huge breakfast and a pot of tea (GOD PEOPLE, never let me go to the Teavana again, I am so poor yet so happy), do some readings, and try not to feel awkward about asking legitimate yet workshy questions of my DGS. Oh, grad school.

ETA 5. Also here is a meme what I stole from everyone:
Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from anything I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track.
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1. [ profile] mcshep_match is over! And, as such, I can finally reveal that my story was, in fact, The Ethical Life.

I am ASTOUNDED nobody guessed (publicly, anyway). I mean, come on, y'all, I wrote this story once already.


It is 41947 words long and apt to get longer in editing. Holy hell. I can't believe I even did it. My lovely betas: I have posted everything, plus some new notes for your perusal.

3. FFS, I have to be at dinner in 45 minutes and I haven't showered yet today. I WILL BE BACK LATER, INTERNETS.
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1. [ profile] mcshep_match ends tomorrow! Please read and vote (for Team War, obvs)! You can also guess the authors and win a prize! I was going to come over here and tantalize you with the fact that no one has, as yet, guessed my story correctly, but then I realized that nobody had publicly guessed me at all. But hey! If you get it right and I end up being the hardest author to spot, you could win too!

2. [ profile] mcsmooch is open! Two weeks! Kissing! John and Rodney!

2a. [ profile] non_mcsmooch is open! Two weeks! Kissing! John or Rodney! Maybe neither of them!

3. [ profile] sgabigbang first drafts are due tomorrow! WhoaMG! Then begins two weeks of frantical editing. FRANTICAL.

4. Okay, so I feel like I should explain this tweet: I dreamed that Felix Gaeta was going to break into my house and try to fix the Coke machine. It was really quite worrisome at the time, especially because it was one of those dreams where I dreamed I was in my bed in my apartment, and it was exactly like where I actually was, except that Ellen Tigh was there with me, and I was quite concerned when I woke up and she was a fictional character.


6. I keep meaning to mention: every time I see Jack/Ianto, I keep wanting to abbreviate it to Jinto. Just sayin'.


Sep. 27th, 2009 04:31 am
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1. The [ profile] kink_bingo mods released a bunch of new bingo cards into the wild, and I got the very last one! Cut for biggitude, and also sexiness )

1a. Speaking of Kink Bingo, holy crap! I won an Arbitrary Mod Prize!

I'm amused, because a) believe it or not, I have never won a fanfiction award before; b) it's for Culture Thing, which apparently everybody but me really liked a lot; c) the award is for Ronon's characterization, of all things. I know I complain sometimes about people reading a different story than I feel like I wrote, but I feel like in this case, they read a much better story than I wrote, and I'm totally okay with that.

But anyway. Congrats are also in order for [ profile] bironic, [ profile] bitter_crimson, [ profile] telesilla, and a whole bunch of other people who I don't actually know.

Nice Place to Visit - SGA Big Bang
ETA: Whoop!

33504 / 40000 words. 84% done!

I'm a little behind where I'd like, but that's because I actually did schoolwork today (keep in mind that I also have to write like twelve pages for my seminar class between now and the deadline). I, more or less, have about 5000 words to go in the first part and 2000 1200 to go in the second part. Which is kind of a lot, but I've written more faster, so I'm not too worried.

What I am worried about is that less than 20% remains, and I still don't know what it's going to look like when it's done. Oh well. I know I'll feel better once I'm inside 5000 words.

3. So I started watching Battlestar, finally, after, like, a billion years. And OMG. It is so pretty, and so very sad. :(

I'm also still pecking away at Blake's 7 and NCIS, but I'm in no hurry, honestly.

4. I feel like I had something else really important that needed to be said, but I have no idea what it was. Blast!


Sep. 9th, 2009 06:17 pm
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Nice Place To Visit - SGA Big Bang

30019 / 40000 words. 75% done!

With that in mind (DUDE, YOU GUYS), I'm looking for a few good betas.

So here's my pitch. )
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1. Re: the SGA plagiarism drama: I haven't seen anybody mention this, and I came upon it totally accidentally and in a spectacularly ass-backwards way, but [ profile] jdr1184 undeleted her journal and came back to man up and apologize. Granted, her apology leaves a little to be desired (but I of course have no way of knowing if she's contacted the authors involved directly), but she did take total responsibility for her actions, which I thought was quite classy and unexpected of her.

ETA: Aaand deleted again.

2. OMG, Kink Bingo is over!

Recapping and pondering my stories )
Ten Recs! )

2a. And while we're on the subject of recommendations, Hang On Tight is a heartbreaking and lovely story that just really hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

I swear one of these days I'm going to make a rec list of nothing but stories that made me weep openly. And speaking of which, if you haven't read Interstitial yet, hie ye to it, and bring tissues.

3. You know what I always thought would be insanely fun? A challenge where you had to write as if you were someone else from fandom (who had also signed up for the challenge, obvs).

Of course, the problem would be that if you didn't have a group of people who liked to laugh at themselves, it would be a non-stop drama fest.

4. I must, must break 30000 words on Big Bang before Dragon*Con. I've been slightly discouraged by the fact that I can't find a word count utility that's not fantastically unreliable. OpenOffice's built in one just sucks, frankly; there is absolutely no reason that my story should be 26800 words on one computer and 27300 on another. Even if it counted markup, which it doesn't, there is absolutely no way there are 500 words of markup in this story. And the most common Java applet leaves out numerals, and ARGH. You would think that 500 missing words in a ~27000 word story would not be a big deal, but when it's the difference between being in the middle third and being out of it, it's really incredibly discouraging.

Also discouraging is that I really still don't know what the story will look like when it's done. The back half is maybe 5000 words from done, and most of that is porn and John angsting, honestly, so it's pretty much fine; but the front half is still a shambles. I know pretty much all the stuff that happens; unfortunately, all the stuff I've left is political intrigue and Rodney freaking out, and it needs to hang together right or the story won't work. Maybe I'll try ploting it on notecards, once I get another five or six thousand words down.


5. ...I never did eat dinner, did I? I should get on that.

6. Is Semagic acting broken for anybody else?
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Writing CRITIQUE Meme!

Please? I'm forever doing these things, because I am endlessly, hopelessly insecure, especially about my writing. And I'm having a bitch of a time lately of actually getting stuff down. I keep having idea after idea, writing three hundred words of it, and then just totally... losing it. I think I've started seven different WIPs in as many days. I am still steady picking at my Big Bang, but not nearly as quickly as I would like.

1a. Speaking of Big Bang, there is a brand new, never been posted snippet over here, if you're interested.

2. I am officially back from Berkeley, about which I am both happy and sad. Happy, because my roommate eventually drove me batshit crazy; sad, because I am sad to leave my friends and dude. I'm in Jackson for the next little while, then probably a stop in Oxford, then on to Nashville, then OMG my birthday and Dragon*Con are in like three weeks! Fangirls! The Flan! Debauchery!

3. Still steady watching Blake's 7. ADORE it. I just keep watching it and thinking, "This is what the fuck science fiction should be like." And I have to say, I see why people ship Blake/Avon, but the show is quickly reaching "everybody on this spaceship is fucking everybody else, aren't they?" territory for me.

And I am still totally unspoiled, so if you say anything to me about it, I will bawl like a little girl.
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I have a confession: I really like to read stories about tacky people. [ profile] customers_suck, [ profile] bad_service, Etiquette Hell, the list goes on.

So on eHell, most of the contributors use standard abbreviations- FH for Future Husband, MOB for Mother of the Bride- as well as the incredibly twee D_ formula- DD for Dear Daughter, DS for Dear Son, etc, etc.

The problem I have encountered, of late, is that now whenever I read a story where somebody talks about their Dear Husband, and it's all DH did this and DH said that, all I can think is-

"Why do all these insane women think they're married to David Hewlett?!"

PS: 20000 words. ::thunk::

PPS: Oh god, I just got to a story where "DH" has a cousin called "Joe". Thank you, and good night.


Mar. 31st, 2008 10:06 pm
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So Big Bang is live, yeah?

And ZOMG, GOOD FIC IS GOOD. Seriously. It's a festival of awesome. Go read some. You won't regret it. And while you're there, go check out the awesome art that [ profile] hjsnapepm and [ profile] mem_vermelha made for me.

Oh, yeah, and I may have wrote a little something myself.


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