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I was just looking for soothing pictures of my future husband, James McAvoy, and then this:

(4:25:18 PM) coffeesuperhero: JAMES MCAVOY'S BAD HAIR GALLERY
(4:25:24 PM) coffeesuperhero: GALLERY, A WORD I TYPED AS "BALLERY"
Cont. )

You do know what's coming, don't you? Heh heh, coming )

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This began completely... innocently is absolutely the wrong word. But it was not complicated. I was trying to write a description of this sexual position (NSFW), which is not a big deal.

And then everything got COMPLETELY out of hand.

(2:09:12 AM) sabinelagrande: (god, anatomy. I'm going to just draw a tiny picture and insert it into the text)
(2:10:41 AM) sabinelagrande: (I feel like I am describing this in the least sexy way possible, to boot)
(2:11:18 AM) dizmo: Ahahah.
(2:11:39 AM) sabinelagrande: stick figures. I'm going to do it with stick figures
(2:11:46 AM) sabinelagrande: WHERE IS MS PAINT I WILL ACTUALLY DO THIS
(2:12:24 AM) dizmo: SWEET.
The transcript, continued )

And now, the moment you've been waiting for, my grand masterpiece. Cut for naked stick figures )

This is why I will fail my comps.

PS: It didn't help.

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This is why I must be stopped: because now I am dreaming about Magneto.

First I dreamt very vividly that Ian McKellen died, and oh my god I was overcome with grief. He's never allowed to actually die now, at least not before me. I have seen how I will react. It isn't pretty.

Then last night, I dreamt that Erik Lehnsherr gave me a back massage to Bohemian Rhapsody while I was candy flipping.

It sounds so much like I created that sentence with a random word generator.

But then we had to leave, for some reason, and we went to the store. We were talking about gender socialization and separation of "male" and "female" domains in store displays while we were looking at the Halloween clearance aisle, and then my dad was there, and he was like, WTF is this shit, and I'm like, Dad, you don't understand my work.

And we were in Denver, and we had just gotten back from the club to the hotel room and gone to bed (in a completely platonic way, because I never get laid in my dreams). All the hallways were really small, and I was having this long inner monologue about state nomenclature. And my dad was there again, and I was like, Dad, me and Erik are trying to get some sleep, you need to go home.

And we got up, and for some reason we were famous- I mean, we had been famous this whole time, we didn't wake up famous. And I'm watching us on the morning shows and talking to my producer, and I'm like, this bitch on Fox News is getting every single thing we told her wrong, and ze was like, I know, right?

And then Charles was there, and they were having some kind of competition involving random number generators. And this led to trying to open competing cafes in the same town? And then my alarm started going off, which is when I became convinced that this was all evidence about how we should take down JSTOR.

If I knew, I would tell you. I think the reason that it bothers me the most is that I'm a Charles girl.

Also yesterday, because Wikipedia is down and it is knowledge Lent, I calculated whether I was taller than Charles Xavier. By my calculations, yes, because Patrick Stewart is an inch taller than me, but James McAvoy is two inches shorter, so Charles Xavier must be half an inch shorter than me. QED

I was not the one on twitter to ask if that was sitting or standing. But you know we were all thinking about it, because we are horrible, HORRIBLE people, every last one of us.

But Erik is much taller than me. That is comforting.

Oh, flist. I assure you that, one day, this too shall pass, and I will go back to SGA or Doctor Who or something. But I've gotten to the point where I don't want to make new friends, right, just because we share a fandom. There are cool people I want to meet, but IDGAF if they want to prattle on about Sherlock or Supernatural or something, just as long as we like each other. And I think, like, if you don't have that philosophy, it's totally legit if you defriend me. But I probably won't defriend you, because if I've got you friended at this point, it's because I think we're friends, not just people who like the same thing.

That got serious for a moment. Let's go back to baby sloths taking a bath.

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My brain is like, like- like imagine an octopus on a three day meth bender. That's what my brain is like right now. Like, the inside of my mind looks like Lil from Squidbillies. It's all fried out and stringy and jumping all over everything.

So, in lieu of me trying to type more things that don't make any sense: Sabine and Lizzy Theatre (With special guests!) )

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Oct. 15th, 2010 04:02 pm
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1. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, but it was WORTH IT because we have a HOTEL ROOM at the HYATT for DRAGON*CON. \o/

After the Mariott fiasco experienced by [ profile] dreadnot et al., I was expecting it to be fucking ridiculous, but it... wasn't. I got in and out in under five minutes. I didn't even have to reload or bitch anyone out or anything.

Then I went back to bed and had this long, involved dream about getting a PM from [ profile] ninamazing. I think I was running some kind of rival meme to [ profile] pocky_slash's Not My Fandom Fest (which is fucking excellent, by the way, and you should all go and check it out). And she was all, "It would be a good idea to have clearer rules," and "You can ask me for help if you need it!" It was several paragraphs long, and I remember going through all of them in the dream.

I did wear my PASIV shirt to bed, though, so it's entirely possible this was some kind of extraction attempt.

2. I am at [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero's! It is lovely to be here again. I often escape here during school breaks. It is a good place for recuperation, because we sleep a lot and drink a lot of beers and watch a lot of TV and eat a lot of good food. It is my happy place.

3. I'm sure there was more I meant to put in this post. I definitely have meant to tell you that the lovely [personal profile] mashimero made me a cover art for my John Sheppard/Tony Stark series! And also that [ profile] bironic wrote me an SGA/Inception crossover that must be read to be believed (ARIADNE/WOOLSEY, Y'ALL).

Yes. Clearly I am very far behind. But now is for sushi.

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So. Dragon*Con 2010.

Oh my god, this report is over 3800 words long. This is why I don't write con reports. But anyway, here we go.

Thursday: Transit )

Friday: The horrors of prereg, Billy Zane )

Saturday: Nerds on Parade, Venture Bros, Adam Savage, Telesilla, Nuts on the Road )

Sunday: What the fuck. )

Monday: Transit. Again. )


Dragon*Con 2010: The Year We Accidentally Stalked Doc Hammer.

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1. I admit to skipping over a lot of Language Log's posts, but this post made me sporffle. Oh Geoffrey Pullum. Never change.

2. I am still in Fayetteville, with [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero! I ate the most glorious cupcake and petit four for breakfast. They were scrumptious. Now we are enjoying our rainy Saturday in the best way- sitting around on the intertubes and playing with the dog.

3. I have made a determination, flist. I'm totally going as Cally (the one from Blake's 7, not the one from BSG) to Dragon*Con this year. Specifically, I am going to make her bitchin green and white outfit from Horizon. It should be fairly easy, I'm thinking, except for the wings, which I think will just be a little fiddly. It's gonna be so sweet, y'all, y'all don't even know. Hopefully my hair won't be too long by then.

4. It may interest you to note that I have passed a thousand, yes, a thousand, links on my delicious account. They're all fannish, and most of them are fic recs, tagged by pairing, fandom, and plot elements. Enjoy them, won't you?

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May. 10th, 2010 09:17 am
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I am with my darling [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero! It is glorious. We will have many glorious times. Possibly we will cavort like the Greeks of old (you know the ones I mean).

More questions, from coffeesuperhero! )

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Sabine and Lizzy Theatre! (Poss. upsetting to veg*ans?) )

Our foodie spring break continues apace! We're, like, pretty much making everything Smitten Kitten ever made. Lord. And drinking rather a large quantity of wine and other spirits. Hurrah! Presently it's mac and cheese and chicken with the 40 cloves. Y'all, my apartment smells SO GOOD right now. Mmmm.
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My darlings! [ profile] arymabeth and I are holed up in my apartment, watching the Community, as we like to do. Earlier, we went to the Trader Joe's and bought EVERYTHING EVER MADE. Tonight I am going to introduce [ profile] arymabeth to pork chops- yes, it is a cardinal sin that she's never had a pork chop before. But there will be blood oranges! And there has been ganache! And we will make mac and cheese! And granola! And carbomb cupcakes! Obviously not right this second, because that would be ridic.

(Oh hey, I made a thing! Go and look at it! I am not comment-grubbing! Why would you think that?)

So, yes. So much cooking! And looking at the TV! And later, massages. Mmm.
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1. What was I going to say? I know I came to Semagic for a reason.

2. Did I mention that I met the lovely [ profile] bironic and [ profile] deelaundry? They were lovely. We had a lovely time.

3. It occurred to me that both the phoneposts I posted on this most recent trip were posted incorrectly/late, etc, so here they are, in case you're into that type of thing.

4. Dude, it is TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND around here lately. I don't mean, like, just in fandom or anything; it seems like every other conversation I have these days is all "AND THEN I TOLD THAT BITCH SHE COULD GO TO HELL". People breaking up and getting married and stalking people and wanking at each other and god only knows what else.

And, for the record, I ain't done shit.

5. Have I explained to you that Whiskey needs to be a Kara and/or Saul vid, oh, yesterday? IT WOULD BE THE MOST PERFECT VID THAT EVER WAS VIDDED. FANDOM WOULD FALL TO ITS KNEES IN HONOR OF ITS PERFECTION. I CAN SEE IT IN MY BRAIN.

It, uh, is just kind of a shame that I can't vid.

6. I am all thrown off, because m'colleague and I went out for a beer after work, and consequently I ate at, like, four. My body is all confused. I think maybe the correct solution is to go back to writing.

ETA: 7. Did you ever just lose a story entirely? Because I swear to god I started the sequel to the vampire/thrall AU, and I can't find it for the life of me. WTF.

ETAA (five minutes later): Lol, there it is. I r smrt.
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Hello the internet! I am, as yet, with [ profile] coffeesuperhero and [ profile] leiascully. We are drunk and just REAL happy about it, and so we (along with all the plushies, Starbuck, and Field Ops Sheppard) wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! And also to remind you that the new decade does not start until 2011. Mary is adamant about this point, as we all should be.


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JSYK, I have gotten pretty much the best surprise!gift!fic of all time. It is by [ profile] bironic, it is called Upside Down and Inside Out, and it is totally epic. I mean, it starts with genderswapped!John in bondage, and it only goes uphill from there (but really, how could it not?).

I am at [ profile] coffeesuperhero and [ profile] leiascully's! We are watching a truly, truly awful movie and drinking rather a lot of beer, as it should be. Life is good.
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(05:53:27 PM) [ profile] arymabeth: GodDAMN the Quorum of Twelve needs to learn to use their parlimentary procedure
(05:53:50 PM) [ profile] arymabeth: every single meeting so far has just been SCREAMING BANGING LOUD NOISES

Sabine and Lizzy Theatre: SO SAY WE ALL )
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You guys! My profile is a veritable blizzard (a cookie blizzard? They are meant to be cookies, aren't they?)! Thanks, [ profile] bitter_crimson, [ profile] lavvyan, [ profile] kashmir1, [ profile] mashimero, [ profile] silverraven11, [ profile] coffeesuperhero, ETA: [ profile] queenzulu, [ profile] leiascully, and anon! <3<3<3<3

And while we're shouting people out, it occurs to me that I'm dreadfully behind on answering email and messages (oh please, when am I ever caught up), so let me say:

[ profile] half_elf_lost: I am that random person from Tennessee with the vaguely philosophical name, if you were wondering. :D

[ profile] rosehiptea and [ profile] silverraven11: Your packages came! Everything looks lovely and is working fine. <3

[ profile] bironic and [ profile] deelaundry and possibly [ profile] sing1118: It looks like I am headed up that way? It'll be the second weekend in January.

I'm sure there are other things? IDK. I am still writing. I will be running around like the proverbial chicken until finals are over. Now to write a paper and finish this lecture (I suspect there will be a lot of "it are a fact, I know because I looked it up on wikipedia" in both).
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1. I have been mainlining NCIS again. Oh, NCIS. How dearly and entirely accidentally I love you.

1a. Spoilers for the La Grenouille arc (S4-5) )

1b. You guys don't even understand how much Gibbs/Abby/McGee I need to write. Oh my god, it's like Jack/Sam/Daniel: the sooner you understand that they are doing it, the sooner you will achieve inner peace, and the more sense the show will make to you. Clearly Gibbs lets Tony come over on the weekends, but only when he and McGee have been very, very good.

And then I will post it to both [ profile] gibbs_abby and [ profile] mcabby_shipper and BLOW THEIR FRAGILE MINDS (and, of course, [ profile] ncis_puppylove, but they'll just be all, "OMG YAY, somebody posted! Hurrah!"). MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Sidebar: Why yes, I have been drinking peach sangria for several hours. Why do you ask?)

1c. I also need so much fic with Abby squeeing over McGee and how precious he is. Cause she's totally got the retro-rockabilly thing going on, and he's so sweet with his little typewriters and his pipe and his turtlenecks, and I think she would find him atavistically adorable. And he'd be all kicked back and thinking he was so suave and dashing, and she'd just run up to him squealing about how precious he was, pinching his little cheeks and all, and he'd be all flustered and slightly disappointed and adorable.

1d. Have I expressed to you my theory concerning McKay and McGee? Because I think that all the things people mistakenly believe about Rodney re: his being a soft and cuddly woobie from whom no evil can spring are actually true about Tim. Other than the fact that they, y'know, both have spines.

2. I would like to talk to you about Sons of Anarchy; I do not watch it, but apparently it is rather good and has Ron Perlman in it. What I would like to discuss, however, is these here promotional stills. I would like to briefly outline for you my thought process, which I believe will explain to you why I feel that the costume designers are fucking with me on purpose.

You see, my thoughts went something like this: "Mitch Pileggi has a new show? ::clicks:: Mmmm, Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Unf, tattooed Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Wait, is that- OH MY FUCK, THAT IS A SWASTIKA. ON HIS CHEST. I JUST OGLED A WHITE SUPREMACIST. I AM GOING TO HELL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. GODDAMN YOU, SONS OF ANARCHY."

It is even worse in the pictures from the show, because he's rocking the little devil beard (yes that is from a different show shhh), which makes it TEN TIMES HOTTER OMG. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS SO. THIS HAS GOT TO BE AGAINST SOME KIND OF LAW.

3. You guys! It is fall break! Tomorrow! I am going to [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero's! I am finally to see their town! It will be AWESOME.
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Writing CRITIQUE Meme!

Please? I'm forever doing these things, because I am endlessly, hopelessly insecure, especially about my writing. And I'm having a bitch of a time lately of actually getting stuff down. I keep having idea after idea, writing three hundred words of it, and then just totally... losing it. I think I've started seven different WIPs in as many days. I am still steady picking at my Big Bang, but not nearly as quickly as I would like.

1a. Speaking of Big Bang, there is a brand new, never been posted snippet over here, if you're interested.

2. I am officially back from Berkeley, about which I am both happy and sad. Happy, because my roommate eventually drove me batshit crazy; sad, because I am sad to leave my friends and dude. I'm in Jackson for the next little while, then probably a stop in Oxford, then on to Nashville, then OMG my birthday and Dragon*Con are in like three weeks! Fangirls! The Flan! Debauchery!

3. Still steady watching Blake's 7. ADORE it. I just keep watching it and thinking, "This is what the fuck science fiction should be like." And I have to say, I see why people ship Blake/Avon, but the show is quickly reaching "everybody on this spaceship is fucking everybody else, aren't they?" territory for me.

And I am still totally unspoiled, so if you say anything to me about it, I will bawl like a little girl.
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1. So I was feeling like crap this afternoon, but those GQMFs at [ profile] ontd_startrek cheered me right up. Macros make my life better. Trufax.

2. One more thing about Big Bang, then I'll save it for [ profile] bigbang_support and the filter: Dude, why is LJ suddenly all het up about consent while I'm writing Rodney's 20000 word struggle to be That Guy?

(Er, not to say that he stops struggling after the first half or anything, it's just that the story takes a major turn there.)

3. Come on, people, there's got to be some excuse to write Zelenka/Chekov.

4. Am considering giving vidding one more go before I chuck it into the bin; have an idea for a short (< 2 min), funny vid for a starter. Only now I can't figure out how to suppress audio. Argh.

5. OMG [ profile] arymabeth this weekend. We are going to drink so much wine. And possibly go to the kids' science museum. Preferably not in that order.
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1. So I was watching The Long Goodbye with my mom, and we're looking at Weir and Caldwell, and she turns to me and she goes, "Everything they say to each other sounds sexual."

I pretty sure my mom was a fangirl in another life.

2. This is pretty much my ultimate Teyla song.

I still haven't found an excuse to call a story "All the Yellow Roses", but I need to.

3. The Epic Story of How Lizzy and I Are Turning the Daedalus into an RV )
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Please give it up and put your hands together for the complex multi-talents of [ profile] coffeesuperhero, who has just completed her first SGA fic, which is totally lolarious John/Rodney smut set during Tao of Rodney. Go and read it! Give her comments! Celebrate The Hair!


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