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Hurrah, I have made a bingo for the [community profile] kink_bingo January mini-challenge, which is tiny bingo! It is not only a bingo, but a multi-multimedia bingo! We have here these tiny things:

One vid (NSFW) )
One meta )
One podfic (NSFW) )
One icon )
And one fic )

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This is a repost of some meta I wrote for the tumblr the other day, because you know the tumblr- four hours after you write it, it is lost forever. Here is my other reaction post, if you were curious. I might go see it again (#4) today or tomorrow, so another one might get made.

So this is about why I love Phil and Clint both more after the movie, and why I am even more convinced they would be good together even though they never speak. You might want to get some snacks. We're going to be here a while.


Etc. )

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Deep breath, everyone.

THE AVENGERS. (What, you honestly think there aren't spoilers in here?) )

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So I was annoyed at tumblr a little, and then a thousand words later, I had this rant/meta about D/s and how everyone is Doing It Wrong.

So if you like it when I'm pedantic and somewhat bitchy, please proceed. )

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I'm just gonna ramble here for a minute:

I'm not a "writer", and I'll never be one; I'm just somebody with a writing addiction.

I can't not write. It drives me crazy when I can't. I have to be working on something- it doesn't matter what it is, but my day isn't really complete until I've written something. And I write whatever, y'know? I really don't care, as long as it scratches that itch.

And so on in that fashion )

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So here's the thing: I just can't read RPF.

This is also, sadly, why there will never be a cheery con picture of me and my Space Boyfriend )

All that being said, I have this weird exception in my brain for the Mythbusters for some reason? I don't know why. Perhaps it is because I am so very gay for Adam? Or perhaps it has something to do with Tory's biceps (guh). It might even be Buster himself. I have no idea. And this is in despite of the fact that nobody ever, ever writes the one pairing I ship like FedEx (where are you, Adam/Tory shippers? Come the fuck on, he keeps looking at Adam like he's a little puppy and he wants to be told how very good he is. I'm just sayin'.).

And I suspect that you're going to see this story recced up and down, but man, have you ever got to read Normal Working Relationship by [personal profile] toft. I just. It's pretty much perfect, is the thing.
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So, I decided I needed a break from doing linguistic theory.

And I used it to write meta about gender norms. ::headdesk::

But anyway, [ profile] mercurtin started this discussion about the verse I've been working on (see Fever High and Get Down and Crawl) and [ profile] ladycat777's Marriedverse, so blame her. She makes some really excellent points about why these stories simply don't work as stories about canon females. I went off in a totally different direction, based on the shorter comment version of that post, and also this got long; I'm posting it here, but I strongly suggest reading her post first.

I should also point out that while [ profile] ladycat777 is lovely and moist and sticky and what not, we're not affiliated in any way; I actually haven't finished reading her het McShep stories, though what I've seen is excellent.

My thoughts on not-yaoi )

On a related note, [ profile] gail19 asked:

Did Meredith donate eggs before having her tubes tied? Cuz *enquiring minds* really need to know.

Read on! )
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1. Am finally making my way through Beyond Heaving Bosoms, which I highly recommend. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when I bought the book; I don't think I even read the summary, because I just really like the Bitches and wanted to support them. It's a much weightier read than I expected from a Book From The Blog- there's a whole chapter analyzing the prevalence and symbolism of rape in romance, for example- and, cause the Bitches wrote it, it's also hilariously funny in places.

1a. Reading it made me realize that my massive and ill-concealed love for Weir/Caldwell is due in no small part to the fact that they're totally a romance novel couple. TL;DR: Read some )

This is a lot of text to say that somebody needs to write a romance novel pastiche/fusion starring Weir and Caldwell, STAT.

Until that happens, I'll be off reading Temporary Engagement. Again. For the third time. Did I mention I love romance novel fusions?

2. A frankly bizarre rant about costuming, thinly disguised as a request for photos )
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Remember when we were talking about maledom/femsub over here? Well, [ profile] aliaras picked up the ball and ran with it, and came up with this smokin' hot Blue!John/Weir Conversion missing scene.

Go and read it!
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I feel a little hypocritical weighing in on Racefail: The Colonialism Remix when I kept my mouth shut through the original Racefail. It was mostly because I didn't have anything intelligent to say, and because I was up to my ass in Bourdieu at the time.

But I find I have rather a lot to say this time around.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Patricia Wrede wrote a book called The Thirteenth Child, and, well, I'll just quote the same thing everybody's quoting:

The *plan* is for it to be a "settling the frontier" book, only without Indians (because I really hate both the older Indians-as-savages viewpoint that was common in that sort of book, *and* the modern Indians-as-gentle-ecologists viewpoint that seems to be so popular lately, and this seems the best way of eliminating the problem, plus it'll let me play with all sorts of cool megafauna). I'm not looking for wildly divergent history, because if it goes too far afield I won't get the right feel. Not that it'll be all that similar anyway; no writing plan survives contact with the characters, and it's already starting to morph.

No, really, she actually said that. Like, right on the internet in front of god and everybody. She sat down at the computer and typed that, probably read back over it to see if she misspelled anything, hit send, the whole bit.

I have debated how to present my thoughts on this, because I'm afraid that the next three paragraphs come off as me trying to establish my cred. That's not my intention; thinking about all of this has led me to ruminate on my own identity, which has always been a question of some doubt, and the things in my past that've biased me (there are a lot of them). So mostly, I'm just thinking aloud here; feel free to skip down if you only came to read about the present issue.

On the stickiness of identity )

On the present Fail )

On a completely separate, but tangentially related issue: Because this post lacks both lulz and SGA references )
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So, recently, I've gotten [ profile] arymabeth totally addicted to SGA, and we've realized that there are really a lot of stories we'd like to see:

1. We want to read a story that has Woolsey/Weir, because they are fuckin' sophisticated as hell.

2. We want to read a story about the college that Rodney is on sabbatical from for the duration of the Atlantis Mission, preferably about his poor grad students.

They keep calling him, and whenever they get through (which is maybe once a year) he keeps banging the phone on the table and yelling "YOU'RE BREAKING UP."

3. We want to read a story where Ronon discovers police caution tape, and uses it to cordon off Teyla. And Weir. And possibly Sheppard.

Ronon doesn't like people touching his things.

Oh, you'd better believe there's more. )

But that's as far as we gotten.

This does not even include the things that we think are totally canon, like the fact that Daniel Jackson is the SGC's resident pot dealer, or the fact that Michael is the father of Teyla's baby ("Kanaan" is just some poor Athosian hybrid whose memory loss Teyla took advantage of).
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So the only good thing about the drama is that everybody is popping up on my flist to share big squishy (I just typed squicky, that would be v. different) declarations of love for each other, and that is excellent.

I love my fandoms. I love my commenters. I love my flist. You guys are what brightens my day. I probably check my flist like every fifteen minutes. And, y'know, I try to respond to every comment I get, but, y'know, I'm in grad school, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Them's the breaks. And I respond to comments in random, non-chronological order or in increasing order of complexity or two weeks later, and it has nothing to do with anything.

(Except those weird comments you just get some times, like that crazy bitch who reviewed every single piece of my Spike/Faye [ profile] 30kisses fic, and every single comment had the word "SEXY" in all caps, even when it was like angst and chardeath and gen and shit- but those are significantly less common on LJ than they were back when my standards were low enough to post at So like, I reply to all the literate people. But that's like almost everybody.)

I do get sad and upset when I post and don't get a lot of comments- but until very recently, a lot of comments has meant, like, ten. I still get a little frisson from each and every comment notification that winds up in my inbox, even if it's just a smiley face (keep your frowny faces to your damn selves). You don't have to comment- I sure as hell don't, not nearly as much as I should, because I am v. awkward, though I tag and favorite things obsessively- but it's nice, because I totally get off on making people happy. Let me make you happy.

And now, I've made everyone slightly uncomfortable and am never going to get another comment again.

Look, the point is, my motto in life is that fandom is fucking funny, and if fandom's not fun for you, the problem's probably with you and not them. Or hell, maybe your fandom really is a bunch of assholes and you'd be like a billion times better off without them, in which case the problem is- yes- still with you, cause you're the dumbass who cares what strangers on the internet who don't like you think.

You should care what the strangers on the internet who do like you think, because, duh, they like you. Let them like you.

But I think if you're just generally chill and in it for the good times, fandom's pretty all right.
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We don't take holidays off around here; my school doesn't even observe Labor Day. So I dragged my ass to Nahuatl this morning... and then I decided I just didn't feel like working any more.

So I came home and had a glass of whiskey and watched SG-1 and had a nap. It was good times- probably the last good times I'll have before finals are out, but it's all going to be over in 4 weeks come hell or high water.

It also pleases me to rant at the internets; because I have been told such things are amusing, you can listen to me bitch about SG:U, BSG, and why I hate Star Trek so bad. It may be a little wonky, because of my cheap microphone which has no pop filter ARGH, but enjoy anyway.

I also include the text, which is not as funny, probably, but definitely more coherent. Read more... )
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It's the moment no one's been waiting for, the second half of my incredibly tl;dr analysis of SGA.

This time, more capslock )

So, in the final analysis, I'm not sad to have wasted seventy-odd hours of my life watching SGA. Despite having shat itself in S5, it's a solid show and a really nice expansion of the franchise.

And, I mean, hot ass people in space. What more could you need?

ETA: You can now download the audio version of the middle part of this rant. Blame [ profile] half_elf_lost.
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Dear flist:

I have Gender Trouble trouble (seriously, I have an IQ of ~140 and one tenth of a PhD in anthropology- if I can't make any sense of your book, you're a bad writer). So, here is something (which is both thinky and TMI) I have put to ponderation lately. SGA, GS, and House (sort of) examples used herein, though you don't really need to know anything about those fandoms to understand.

On slash and beating up Elizabeth Weir (or Maya Fey, or Lisa Cuddy, for that matter) )
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So, in just over five weeks, I've cleared 50 episodes of SGA.

And I have some issues. )

Despite the, good god, 2000 or so words I've spent bitching about it here, I really do love the show. This is the first time I've ever gotten into a series through fic rather than the other way around; I came for the subtext and stayed for the political intrigue and the fight sequences, and I'm not sure what that says about me.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought myself a paid account, and y'all, I did not know how much I missed having icons for every situation.

Now I have to go finish The Return.
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