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Does anybody know how to set up an entry for an author at Fanlore? I was going to set one up for me, egged on by the people at the twitter account.

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1. If I see the words "Cherik" or "McFassy" one more time, I am absolutely going to shit my pants. What are we, 14-year-old anime fans, or are we just grown-ass people who should be ashamed of ourselves?

Says the McShep shipper. Look, at least we just have the one, and it's not completely fucking stupid.

We will, however, accept Fassavoy, but only because it sounds like an expensive hotel, and that pleases me. The Bowtie and Hewligan people can also keep theirs, because they amuse me so. We are willing to go as far as Phlint, even though it is apparently idiosyncratic, because it is also pleasing.

(Where my Lawbender fans? You know you want to. If you like smush names so damn much, look at what a nice one it can have. So suggestive.

We would accept her with pretty much anyone, but that was the only smush name I could think of. Get off my back.)

2. Also, fandom at large, I can't come with you on "feels." Really? You really want to go this way? Are we really saying that now? I know I have gone in exactly the opposite direction with ~feeeeeeelings~, but that is clearly better. Look at how much nicer it looks. There are even tildes. You know you love you some tildes.

3. Oh XMFC, I already have the Smallville Problem with you, but I am starting to get the Servalan Problem as well, on top of all your other problems. Why won't you just let me love you. I only want your love, and also your pornography and pictures of James McAvoy (same thing).

4. Did you know that there are only six Pietro/Wanda stories at the AO3? Among those, I wrote two of them (one of them, a 1602 fic, has an unfinished sequel that I should have posted, uh, like six years ago now), three of them are Clint/Pietro/Wanda, and one of them is a crackfic where it's a joke amongst the characters. Seriously, you guys, not only is this a canon pairing, I know more people than this ship it. Get on the stick. ETA: Wait, no, I can't read. There are two Clint/Pietro/Wanda stories and an Evo story that's just straight up and down Pietro/Wanda. So we do have that going for us. Which is nice.

There are also no Johnny/Sue stories, but that is a rather hilarious problem that [personal profile] arymabeth and I have (you see, we both grew up watching the 90's cartoon, and they have the same last name, so we both separately made the assumption they were married, and now we can't un-ship it). But once again, I know other people ship it. I have talked to them about it.

3. Today was completely fucking awful, flist, but this has turned out to be an amusingly grumpy entry, so I will detail it somewhere else, if I do, in fact, detail it at all, to prevent the massive mood whiplash.

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Let me just share with you how this story is going:

Sabine: ::type type type::
Sabine: Noooo, you can have emotions later, take your clothes off.

Sabine used Write Or Die! It's super effective!

Sabine: ::check check check, edit edit edit, type type type::
Charles and Erik: HEY GUESS WHAT WE HAVE
Charles and Erik: YES EMOTION TIMES
Sheppard: ::hiding in another room, because someone said something about emotions:: No, please, I only just found my pants. :(
Sabine: I hate everyone.

And yea, verily, this is the story of every Charles/Erik fic. BUT BY GOD THIS ONE WILL BE FINISHED TONIGHT.

Thank you, and good night.

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This dream was so strange I feel like it needs to be saved for posterity. LA, Space Boyfriends, fake Christmas trees, etc) )

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1. Everything I do is better when I am wearing this:

Cut for picture )

Everything is just a little bit funnier and happier when I am in it. It is presently about twenty degrees too hot here to be wearing it, and guess what? I am anyway.

1a. Did I mention that [personal profile] arymabeth and I have started a tumblr called fuckyeahjacksonanddoc? Because [personal profile] arymabeth and I have started a tumblr called fuckyeahjacksonanddoc.

1b. It's really nice to be in a fandom with, essentially, no one in it. Like, I'd kind of forgotten what it was like to be in a small fandom, and it's good to be doing that again. I'm really burnt out on all the jockeying for position that comes with big fandoms, because I'm just past the point of caring about it. I feel vaguely guilty, but, y'know, don't expect much out of me any time soon, writing wise, if it involves any fandom with more than about sixteen people in it. It's more than that, too- I'm at the point where I'm writing the same SGA story over and over again, and I'm sick of it. It's not even a very good story.

2. On a happier note, did I mention that I am going to see MASSIVE FUCKING ATTACK next month at Moogfest? Or that I am going to see Rifftrax Live, like, in person, because it is once again being broadcast from the theatre three minutes from my house? Or that I going to see Joel McHale next weekend?

It is a pretty sweet time to be going to concerts with me, honestly.

3. We are over 100 signups for [community profile] intoabar, and we still have ten days left! \o/

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1. Re: the new Mythbusters episode (and just in time, too, as I am now officially out of episodes on my DVR, except for the Alcohol Myths/Hwacha episode, which I kept for, uh, reasons): Are we spoiler-cutting for this show? )

2. Y'all, this story is starting to piss me off- which is pissing me off double, because it's for my own damn ficathon. NCIS + Blake's 7 = ARGH. Spoilers for Family Secret, Hiatus, and Rumours of Death )

ETA: 3. So. Uh. Who's gonna help me with this angsty Adam/Tory story that I'm not writing?

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1. You guys, it is, officially, colder than a witch's tit (sorry?).

I can't take this cold shit, you guys. The heater's on 72, I'm wearing my space boyfriend sweater, a thermal top, jeans, and my thick wool park ranger socks, and I am FREEZING MY TITS OFF. Like, I just stay uncomfortable between about November 20 and March 15 of every year. There are lizards better equipped to deal with this weather than me.

2. My [ profile] sga_santa fic is done and off to the mods! And it is short and kind of weird, but I'm pretty sure my recipient will dig it. But the point is, it is done!

3. A meme! From everybody!

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?

4. I am tired of my dairy products judging me. Read more... )
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1. I have been mainlining NCIS again. Oh, NCIS. How dearly and entirely accidentally I love you.

1a. Spoilers for the La Grenouille arc (S4-5) )

1b. You guys don't even understand how much Gibbs/Abby/McGee I need to write. Oh my god, it's like Jack/Sam/Daniel: the sooner you understand that they are doing it, the sooner you will achieve inner peace, and the more sense the show will make to you. Clearly Gibbs lets Tony come over on the weekends, but only when he and McGee have been very, very good.

And then I will post it to both [ profile] gibbs_abby and [ profile] mcabby_shipper and BLOW THEIR FRAGILE MINDS (and, of course, [ profile] ncis_puppylove, but they'll just be all, "OMG YAY, somebody posted! Hurrah!"). MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Sidebar: Why yes, I have been drinking peach sangria for several hours. Why do you ask?)

1c. I also need so much fic with Abby squeeing over McGee and how precious he is. Cause she's totally got the retro-rockabilly thing going on, and he's so sweet with his little typewriters and his pipe and his turtlenecks, and I think she would find him atavistically adorable. And he'd be all kicked back and thinking he was so suave and dashing, and she'd just run up to him squealing about how precious he was, pinching his little cheeks and all, and he'd be all flustered and slightly disappointed and adorable.

1d. Have I expressed to you my theory concerning McKay and McGee? Because I think that all the things people mistakenly believe about Rodney re: his being a soft and cuddly woobie from whom no evil can spring are actually true about Tim. Other than the fact that they, y'know, both have spines.

2. I would like to talk to you about Sons of Anarchy; I do not watch it, but apparently it is rather good and has Ron Perlman in it. What I would like to discuss, however, is these here promotional stills. I would like to briefly outline for you my thought process, which I believe will explain to you why I feel that the costume designers are fucking with me on purpose.

You see, my thoughts went something like this: "Mitch Pileggi has a new show? ::clicks:: Mmmm, Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Unf, tattooed Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Wait, is that- OH MY FUCK, THAT IS A SWASTIKA. ON HIS CHEST. I JUST OGLED A WHITE SUPREMACIST. I AM GOING TO HELL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. GODDAMN YOU, SONS OF ANARCHY."

It is even worse in the pictures from the show, because he's rocking the little devil beard (yes that is from a different show shhh), which makes it TEN TIMES HOTTER OMG. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS SO. THIS HAS GOT TO BE AGAINST SOME KIND OF LAW.

3. You guys! It is fall break! Tomorrow! I am going to [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero's! I am finally to see their town! It will be AWESOME.


Sep. 10th, 2009 03:12 pm
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1. Allow me to summarize my morning for you, in macro form:

Y'all it was magical. AND they had a sale on Little Debbie cakes. Unfortunately, now it is wearing off, and I am once again in pain. :(


John Sheppard: Ace Attorney.

Yes, you did read that right. And yes, it is just as epic as it sounds. And I would show you the epic bromance of Ronon and blue!John that [ profile] chkc drew for me, but she did not post it, so you will need to hound her to do so.

3. Does anybody know if there's a John/Rodney vid set to Skullcrusher Mountain? Cause that is something that mankind needs to have.

4. I think maybe now it is time to write let's-all-pretend-this-isn't-a-self-insert fic, while I wait for the mods at SciFi Hero to decide I'm not a bot. Maybe it will be John/Mer. Who knows?
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1. Joyeux anniversaire, [ profile] fanarts_series!

2. LAST CALL for questions, so if there's anything you've ever wanted to know about my writing, my taste in furniture, what kind of soup I like, my thoughts on yaoi, etc, speak up. I'll be posting in a couple of hours.

3. I feel like I meant to rec this story and never did: if you like Sheppard/Zelenka (and really, who doesn't) and/or Vegas AU, go and read We make a sky where we may be by [ profile] penknife. It's really very lovely and angsty (and anything with S/Z is always win in my book).

4. So [ profile] arymabeth reads Daria fic now and again, which is honestly something I never would have even gone looking for, even though Jane/Daria was totally my OTP to end all OTPs. And she passed along to me something I really never thought I'd see: Trent/Tom. And the scary thing is, it really works. So go and read Selsun Blue, Gore-Tex Green, while we all wait for the DVDs to come out.

5. I, uh, have a date? This is remarkable, because I haven't gone on a proper date since... like, Bush's first term.

5a. BUT FIRST I HAVE A BILLION PAPERS, because the Institute ends next week. And I will be sad to go home, but I will not be sad in the least to leave my roommate, who is quickly driving me batshit crazy. But right now, it's time for shower, crepes, coffee, and my metaphor paper. Away!


Jun. 17th, 2009 04:58 pm
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1. You need this in your life, like you need a nautical-themed pashmina afghan:

2. Who needs a dreamwidth invite code? PM me with an email address, and it's yours.

3. Somebody get me away from [ profile] st_xi_kink before I do something ridiculous.
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1. Did you ever have a day where you tried and tried to write, where you wanted to write, but everything you wrote came out stilted and wrong (for the LOVE OF FUCK, I had to rewrite that sentence three times)?

I keep flashing back to my old accompanist; bless her, she really didn't handle the English language or departmental drama real well, so she'd bitch to me about it constantly, since I was the One Sane Man of the voice majors (which is why I have a BA in anthropology). And when she'd get really pissed off, she'd pull at her hair and shout, "This is so suck!"

That's what I feel like today.

1a. Fed up with writing; will produce only Sheppard macros (for he is much like a cat) from now on.

1b. Despite that, I did actually write a little something today, wherein Rodney is a big drama queen and John is long-suffering. Sandwiches are involved. And while you're there, check out the other comments for further awesome. Oh- and I also pinch hat for [ profile] remixthedrabble, and when you see it, all of you will TOTALLY AND IMMEDIATELY KNOW that I wrote it. Just sayin'. The other three, maybe not so much, but this one might as well have my username all over it.

2. Remind me when I'm feeling less bitchy that I want to do a big thinky meta post about genderswap, mpreg, noncon (the h/c flavor, not the "I'm going to stop pretending people don't get off on this/whoops it was really consent play, lol" kinds), what they say about fandom, and why they can be tools for good rather than overblown angst and OOC behavior.

3. In the category of new shit you should read, Life, the Universe, and Everything is absolutely adorable.

3a. In the category of old shit you should read, I finally read Rebuilding Babel, and holy damn, it's a long time since a fic knocked me on my ass like that one.

3b. Lately, I've been in the mood for a long hard read. I mean, I've got a whole epic-length tag on delicious, but if there's anything I haven't got that you think I should read, hit me up. No character death or unequivocally tragic endings, plz, but h/c wouldn't be amiss; I particularly like the ones where somebody ends up getting fucked up by an Ancient device. McShep preferred, though if you know of any good long Weir/Zelenka or Phoenix/Edgeworth (Ancient devices not necessary, obvs, but certainly welcomed), that would be excellent.

4. For the past three days, I've had a loop of Like a Boss, I'm On a Boat, Too Many Dicks, and Single Ladies stuck in my head.

I totally and utterly blame [ profile] ontd_startrek.

5. Oh, oh, quick, somebody remind me- what episode is it where Rodney gets shot in the ass and we see his lemony boxers?
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1. Am finally making my way through Beyond Heaving Bosoms, which I highly recommend. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when I bought the book; I don't think I even read the summary, because I just really like the Bitches and wanted to support them. It's a much weightier read than I expected from a Book From The Blog- there's a whole chapter analyzing the prevalence and symbolism of rape in romance, for example- and, cause the Bitches wrote it, it's also hilariously funny in places.

1a. Reading it made me realize that my massive and ill-concealed love for Weir/Caldwell is due in no small part to the fact that they're totally a romance novel couple. TL;DR: Read some )

This is a lot of text to say that somebody needs to write a romance novel pastiche/fusion starring Weir and Caldwell, STAT.

Until that happens, I'll be off reading Temporary Engagement. Again. For the third time. Did I mention I love romance novel fusions?

2. A frankly bizarre rant about costuming, thinly disguised as a request for photos )
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I have a confession: I really like to read stories about tacky people. [ profile] customers_suck, [ profile] bad_service, Etiquette Hell, the list goes on.

So on eHell, most of the contributors use standard abbreviations- FH for Future Husband, MOB for Mother of the Bride- as well as the incredibly twee D_ formula- DD for Dear Daughter, DS for Dear Son, etc, etc.

The problem I have encountered, of late, is that now whenever I read a story where somebody talks about their Dear Husband, and it's all DH did this and DH said that, all I can think is-

"Why do all these insane women think they're married to David Hewlett?!"

PS: 20000 words. ::thunk::

PPS: Oh god, I just got to a story where "DH" has a cousin called "Joe". Thank you, and good night.
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It has taken me THIS LONG to realize that Sheppard's wristband is a) black b) worn on his right wrist.

Now I have a perfect mental image of Rodney coming to lunch one day, just yapping up a storm. And then suddenly he notices John's wristband, and he shouts, "Oh my god, Sheppard, you're cruising in the middle of the mess hall? In broad daylight? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get your ass kicked- oh wait, never mind, of course you are! I hope for your sake, somebody picks you up and beats some sense into you," and then he turns around and stomps out.

And John is just sitting there, dazed, going, "...but... it's a sweat band. I'm wearing it 'cause... I'm sweaty? I don't- but-'s just that the white one doesn't match my outfit... did that make sense to anybody else? Am missing something?"

And Teyla and Ronon are just sitting there shrugging, and Ronon's all like, "Unless he thinks you're working for the Elite Guard of the Warlords of Triceria on the weekends, I got nothin'," and Teyla's all, "I thought perhaps you were in mourning for someone who was not particularly close to you, but I do not know why that would be offensive to Rodney."

And John is all confused and vaguely saddened as he eats his turkey sandwich.

And then maybe Rodney stops by John's room later and shows him a thing or two about getting sweaty.
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1. So I was reading a post-DADT fic. And I didn't like it very much, because Keller and John were fighting over Rodney, and John was acting like a sex kitten (which I have no problems with, but the story was too serious for it to work) and Keller was acting like a raging hosebeast to John. And I was thinking, "Damn, author, I know nobody liked her, but give the poor woman more credit than that."

And then it occurred to me that it was exactly how Keller would have reacted to the situation in canon.

And then I felt sad.

I really want fandom to fix Keller for me, because I never wanted to hate her. It just doesn't feel right to hate Jewel Staite. I really want her to be what she was obviously meant to be, and what she could have been if she'd been introduced three seasons earlier before the writing got so fucking ham-fisted.

2. Also? I want to read a post-DADT fic where John and Rodney come out, and everybody's being dicks to Rodney, and he thinks it's because they're all a bunch of dirty homophobes, but it turns out they're just pissed he stole John away before anybody else could.

3. I need Gyakuten Kenji, like, yesterday.

4. My little brother was in town when I went home last week, so I finally got to show him Jason Momoa and express that they look just alike (if my brother were a hundred pounds lighter and Hawaiian). I don't think he bought it, but I think he was secretly pleased, especially because he's dreading his hair at the moment (and it looks fucking AWFUL, but dreads take a long time).

(This is why I can't write Ronon porn.)

5. I started, like, three stories yesterday, and then couldn't bring any of them home. Hopefully today. The world needs Edgeworth/Sheppard.
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1. So I was watching The Long Goodbye with my mom, and we're looking at Weir and Caldwell, and she turns to me and she goes, "Everything they say to each other sounds sexual."

I pretty sure my mom was a fangirl in another life.

2. This is pretty much my ultimate Teyla song.

I still haven't found an excuse to call a story "All the Yellow Roses", but I need to.

3. The Epic Story of How Lizzy and I Are Turning the Daedalus into an RV )
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1. So I have two tattoos, right? And they're both black and fairly noticeable- the one on my ankle (which reads λόγος) is probably about 2.5" x 1", and the one on my foot covers the entire length of my instep. Hell, you can even see the one on my foot when I'm wearing my Birkenstocks (it reads "living well is the best revenge", but when I've got shoes on it just says "revenge", which makes me lol).

My mother knows about them, because she found my tattoo balm; my father does not. I have been walking around this house for three days with no shoes on, and my father STILL has not noticed. I don't get it.

2. How do I always end up watching the finale of American Idol? Seriously, I never watch any of the rest of it, but I always seem to be at my parents' house for the end. And now, my parents are in there watching it again, presumably so they can listen to the performances without hearing me shout things like, "Jesus Christ, it sounds like the junior high glee club in here" and "That can't be Steve Martin- HOLY SHIT THAT'S STEVE MARTIN".

Me and American Idol, it's just- please remember that, before I decided I'd rather be Daniel Jackson, I majored in vocal performance. So imagine, if you will, if Rodney McKay were tapped to judge the Inyo County School District science fair; he'd be walking along flailing his arms screaming "YOU ARE ALL DOING IT WRONG, I CAN'T BELIEVE ANY OF YOU GRADUATED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, YOU ARE ALL DISGRACES TO SCIENCE," grumbling about the state of the American educational system, and totally missing the point.

Only I don't have a John trailing along behind me going, "Come on, Rodney, it's a really nice solar cooker- look, they even made chocolate chip cookies! How wrong can a model of the solar system made out of macaroni really be?"

Time After Time was pretty, though. And I liked that song Steve Martin wrote, even though those hacks that sang it absolutely butchered it. And the Black Eyed Peas sang that song I like that I probably wouldn't have liked if I knew they sang it.

[Spoiler? Do we warn for this show? Does anyone not know?] was robbed. As my dad put it, "Out of all the people who've been on this show, he's the only one I'd pay to go and see."

3. I am writing! But I am ambivalent about it.

It's a vicious cycle- my WIP folder is crazy overgrown (not to mention my GDocs, and that's not even all of it), but when I sit down and work on my WIPs, I don't get any comments, so I go back and write some porn, and then I get lots of comments, but I feel bad because I don't feel like I'm writing anything that's extraordinary or worth anything, so I go back and work on my WIPs, and ARGH.

In conclusion, suggestions plz.

But! I finished two (of three) of my stories for [ profile] remixthedrabble, and I'm making headway on my stories (now also three, though I may go back and pick up one of the Dresden Files prompts) for [ profile] rounds_of_kink. And I've written like 700 words of something totally unrelated which I hope to finish tonight.

3a. Canadians: do you say "on heat" or "in heat" when referring to animals going into estrus? I swear it's relevant.

4. I finally went to the Fresh Market, and OMG, beergasm. I have Gallo (aka Famosa)! And Czechvar! And some other Czech beer I have not a prayer of spelling! And Anchor Porter! Life is good.

ETA: 5. I just want to point out that this song is pretty much my McShep anthem. Would that I were not teh fail at vidding.
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Two points:

1. I am just tired of hearing about Dreamwidth. Unless they are handing out blowjobs and free lemonade over there, I'm not going.

2. This shit is bananas.

And then I rambled for a minute about... hegemony? And Clex? What? )

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go read porn.
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1. I'm not crazy in thinking that [ profile] remixredux '09 should have started already and hasn't, right? Does anybody know the story on that?

2. Praise the gods, I'm done with my [ profile] artword fic, which weighs in (before editing) at an astounding 8201 words. IDEK, y'all. Now, I just have to finish my [ profile] purimgifts- and the less said about that the better, because any hint will make it blatantly obvious who I'm writing for.

3. I have a cold. It is most unpleasing. But perhaps spicy chicken soup what I have cobbled together from spare parts will alleviate my woes. Yes, this is an excellent plan.

4. I had to open a support request to get it done, but finally, finally, finally, LJ have fixed the problem I was having with this userpic. It is, once again, little baby Miles, instead of a damn rock. Unfortunately, it is still a damn rock in Semagic. Sigh. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.

5. IF YOU'RE NOT AT [ profile] capslock_gate FOR MACRO MONDAY UR DOIN IT WRONG.

6. Sometimes, I feel as if I should be writing actual entries instead of in list form; but maybe if I keep doing it long enough, it will sort of become my thing, y'know?

ETA: 7. HOLY SHIT, it JUST occured to me that the captain of the Daedalus is named Steven. Oh god. There is not enough facepalm in the world for the revelation.


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