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There are perks to being an academic, as I have learned. This should probably be a Grad Student Gorilla, which I should probably restart, but everybody needs a little more Success McAvoy in their lives.

2. Uh, if you like things that rock and are awesome, you should read A Decent Boldness by [personal profile] schmerica. Because it has slutty Charles and Raven, which, as you know, are the best Charleses and Ravens. And I believe it will be very clear what, to my mind, the logical extension of this story is, because I am, if you had not noticed, shameless.

3. I'm stuck on another dirtybadwrong story, flist.

And then, like, this big rant about desire and author intent and gender politics came out of nowhere ) I should probably lock this, but... I'm not. Whoops.

IDK. I'm going to bed. I have had another lecture sprung on me (great ironies: my advisor has to translate in a trial for indigenous workers, which means I have to cover a session called Language and Ethnicity), and I am behind on ALL THE THINGS.

So. Have a good night, flist.

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1. If I see the words "Cherik" or "McFassy" one more time, I am absolutely going to shit my pants. What are we, 14-year-old anime fans, or are we just grown-ass people who should be ashamed of ourselves?

Says the McShep shipper. Look, at least we just have the one, and it's not completely fucking stupid.

We will, however, accept Fassavoy, but only because it sounds like an expensive hotel, and that pleases me. The Bowtie and Hewligan people can also keep theirs, because they amuse me so. We are willing to go as far as Phlint, even though it is apparently idiosyncratic, because it is also pleasing.

(Where my Lawbender fans? You know you want to. If you like smush names so damn much, look at what a nice one it can have. So suggestive.

We would accept her with pretty much anyone, but that was the only smush name I could think of. Get off my back.)

2. Also, fandom at large, I can't come with you on "feels." Really? You really want to go this way? Are we really saying that now? I know I have gone in exactly the opposite direction with ~feeeeeeelings~, but that is clearly better. Look at how much nicer it looks. There are even tildes. You know you love you some tildes.

3. Oh XMFC, I already have the Smallville Problem with you, but I am starting to get the Servalan Problem as well, on top of all your other problems. Why won't you just let me love you. I only want your love, and also your pornography and pictures of James McAvoy (same thing).

4. Did you know that there are only six Pietro/Wanda stories at the AO3? Among those, I wrote two of them (one of them, a 1602 fic, has an unfinished sequel that I should have posted, uh, like six years ago now), three of them are Clint/Pietro/Wanda, and one of them is a crackfic where it's a joke amongst the characters. Seriously, you guys, not only is this a canon pairing, I know more people than this ship it. Get on the stick. ETA: Wait, no, I can't read. There are two Clint/Pietro/Wanda stories and an Evo story that's just straight up and down Pietro/Wanda. So we do have that going for us. Which is nice.

There are also no Johnny/Sue stories, but that is a rather hilarious problem that [personal profile] arymabeth and I have (you see, we both grew up watching the 90's cartoon, and they have the same last name, so we both separately made the assumption they were married, and now we can't un-ship it). But once again, I know other people ship it. I have talked to them about it.

3. Today was completely fucking awful, flist, but this has turned out to be an amusingly grumpy entry, so I will detail it somewhere else, if I do, in fact, detail it at all, to prevent the massive mood whiplash.

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Jan. 30th, 2012 02:52 pm
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There's got to be an XMFC story where Erik teaches Charles Krav Maga, right? Come the fuck on, fandom. I know the timeline's not right, but that's why the good Lord made AUs. But all my searching, she has been for naught. My tiny hoplologist heart, she breaks.

I don't care how it happens. Maybe it's a modern AU, and Charles is teaching Intro to Hoplology or Israel Since Independence or something, and Erik comes to do a demonstration for his students, and Charles is all "Oh my," and starts taking his class and then they have a bunch of ~feelings~. Or maybe it's historical. Or maybe Charles just thinks it's sexy. LOOK AT ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE.

I'm not even finding any good Erik-as-Mossad stories that aren't crossovers and/or don't look like a train wreck. These things could not be more obvious, people, not even if you tried.


(You cannot imagine how much I would love to be proven wrong. So please do.)

ETA: And I can't write it myself because I only have this one line:

"Will you be needing any more room than this?" Xavier asks, and he looks nervous. "Because, really, we can arrange that, but it's critical that you tell me beforehand. Naginatajutsu didn't go well, you understand, and I've been told that I will have to pay for the next projector out of pocket, so you see why I'm concerned."

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Okay, I wrote the sad alternate ending where Erik and Charles fall slowly out of love. I wrote the post-canon story with Magda and Azazel and death and noncon and memory wiping. I even wrote the one with Charles Xavier, grand puppetmaster of Xavier Mansion, and the one where Erik flips his shit over consent play.

But FUCK you, story. You are a dystopian hooker AU where Erik is the BIGGEST CREEPER WHO EVER LIVED and Charles is SO DAMAGED and Raven is SO ANGRY and oh god you are only 800 words long and you are already completely heartbreaking and SO depressing.

Get the fuck out of my brain, because you are persona non fucking grata around here.

I am thisclose to deleting this gdoc in protest. I CANNOT BE HAVING WITH THIS. I HAVE TO START STUDYING FOR COMPS TOMORROW.

Why can't I write something happy.

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Character bashing, etc )

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At first I was like


Then I logged in to delicious, and I was like


You can find me on Diigo.

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If one more dude on Fetlife brings up A Billion Wicked Thoughts to me, I will shit myself.

Really now.

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Apr. 25th, 2011 12:32 pm
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Dear internet:


IT IS NOT 1997

[personal profile] sabinetzin

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1. I have turned my house upside down looking for something to read tonight, and I have come to this conclusion:

There is no light reading at my house.

This is not entirely true; I have Wodehouse and Pratchett, but all the ones I have I've read about a billion times a piece. I have stacks and stacks of unread books, but all of them are super fucking serious. Like, no matter if they're academic books or fiction, they're all these dense, weighty things. I even have serious romance novels, ffs.

I know I thrive on fictional conflict and all, but seriously, come the fuck on, it's Saturday night and I'm tired of the television. Thoughts, flist?

2. Ereader devotees of my flist: Which one do you use? Do you like it? Do you hate it? I read from the free app on my phone, but I'm seriously considering replacing it with a Kindle or a Nook.

3. Ugh. The Borders around the corner from me, after initially being on the saved list, is now closing. Since Davis-Kidd closed, that means that the two closest stores offering new books have gone out of business. Now, my choices for getting new books are Franklin and Opry Mills, one of which is fifteen minutes away and the other of which is the bane of my existence. There are places right around here that offer specialty books and/or used books, but dammit, sometimes you just want your very own copy of the new thing. When you want to browse, it can get really tiring to be in a place with shelves and shelves and shelves and no real rhyme or reason, like the used bookstores around here.

Ugh, I say.

Though, apparently there is a gay bookstore right down the road that I didn't know about. I will have to check this out- OH MOTHERFUCKER IT'S CLOSED TOO. FOR FUCK'S SAKE. EVERYONE IS FIRED AND TODAY IS CANCELED.

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1. So the bulletproof kinks meme has been going around again. I've been tumbling it around in my head, and this is what it keeps coming down to: my only bulletproof kinks are trust and love. Because everything else- the whips and the chains and the clothespins and the consent play and even most of the tentacles- hinges on that point. It's about using your body to express your love for and trust in another person; it's about trusting yourself to know your own limits; it's about having someone else invest their trust in you. And that's it. Everything else is icing.


Well, trust, love, and Colonel Sadist.

I'm a masochist, what do you want from me?

2. Following the whole hc_bingo thing, I've been thinking about h/c a lot; and the more I think about it, the more I don't really know what to think. I always say that I don't like h/c, and I never set out with the intention to write it. But I look out over all the stories of mine that I really like, the stories that I'm the most proud of, and a lot of them are undoubtedly h/c stories.

I've also been contemplating this whole issue of who's being hurt/insulted by what- whether we're protecting the interests of those of us with the kinds of problems that appear in h/c stories, or blocking people from getting catharsis/escapism from those same stories. It's hard for me to even get a handle on, because I can only think of one and a half stories that even address the challenges that I face (it is still really weird to even think the word "disability" in reference to myself). I've always felt that there was this sort of tacit understanding that mental health issues in general are off limits in fandom; the only stories I can think of that address them do so under the weight of an existent scrutiny, and so are really carefully written. But, at the same time, I can think of a lot of issues that aren't treated with the same kid gloves but really should be.

So I don't know what to think. But I'm glad to see these discussions happening at all, because I feel like it's shit we all need to be cognizant of- and having it pointed out that we're not cognizant of it is the first step in getting there, y'know?

3. On that note, I am sick to my back teeth of hearing shit like this.

Medicine doesn't work for everyone, and even getting to the right medication sucks up time and money like a fucking black hole. Even so, this type of bullshit rhetoric is still hurtful to real people who could really get help; I know, because I was one of them. There was a time in the not too distant past where I said I'd never go back on medication again, because I bought it. I thought there was something inherent in myself that I'd lose to the medication, that it would somehow contaminate me, turn me into- gasp- a normal person.

And you know where that got me? It almost got me out of graduate school, and it's come close to getting me dead.

And I am so very, very tired of people acting like bipolar disorder is some gift from the heavens that I should be fucking thankful for. It's not. It's a disease that's in my fucking way.

Being manic is not being creative, it is being manic. There is nothing creative about staying up for four days. There is nothing creative about snapping at people you care about. There is nothing creative about being curled up on the floor, pressing your hands to your ears in the vain hope that you could somehow block out the sound of your own racing thoughts. You know what creative looks like? Creative looks like not being too depressed to get to the computer, and not being too manic to write when you get there.

And even if it were the magical creative fugue that people paint it as, that shit is not worth the trade off. Some of us would rather be able to get out of bed in the morning the other fifty weeks of the year.

So please, don't listen to assholes like this.

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1. Re: the new Mythbusters episode (and just in time, too, as I am now officially out of episodes on my DVR, except for the Alcohol Myths/Hwacha episode, which I kept for, uh, reasons): Are we spoiler-cutting for this show? )

2. Y'all, this story is starting to piss me off- which is pissing me off double, because it's for my own damn ficathon. NCIS + Blake's 7 = ARGH. Spoilers for Family Secret, Hiatus, and Rumours of Death )

ETA: 3. So. Uh. Who's gonna help me with this angsty Adam/Tory story that I'm not writing?

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As seen all over your flist: LJ is getting rid of the "unspecified" option for gender.

I direct you to [personal profile] synecdochic's post on the subject, because I am just about angry enough to shit bees over this.

How, I just. Jesus.

Anybody for a DW code? I still have one. Please take it! Mine are gone at the moment! But there are plenty at [site community profile] dw_codesharing!
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Dear Joe Mallozzi, Brad Wright, and the rest of you jokers,

I was going to write a long rant about how pissing off your fanbase is a bad idea, and if you're going to say, "You just don't get it" to a whole bunch of science fiction fans (read: overeducated sarcastic jerks with too much time on their hands), you better hope like hell that you're right and they're wrong, and how you can all generally just eat me.

But then I realized everything I needed to say could be summed up in cat macros. So,

Cut for images, snark, etc )
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1. I have been mainlining NCIS again. Oh, NCIS. How dearly and entirely accidentally I love you.

1a. Spoilers for the La Grenouille arc (S4-5) )

1b. You guys don't even understand how much Gibbs/Abby/McGee I need to write. Oh my god, it's like Jack/Sam/Daniel: the sooner you understand that they are doing it, the sooner you will achieve inner peace, and the more sense the show will make to you. Clearly Gibbs lets Tony come over on the weekends, but only when he and McGee have been very, very good.

And then I will post it to both [ profile] gibbs_abby and [ profile] mcabby_shipper and BLOW THEIR FRAGILE MINDS (and, of course, [ profile] ncis_puppylove, but they'll just be all, "OMG YAY, somebody posted! Hurrah!"). MUAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Sidebar: Why yes, I have been drinking peach sangria for several hours. Why do you ask?)

1c. I also need so much fic with Abby squeeing over McGee and how precious he is. Cause she's totally got the retro-rockabilly thing going on, and he's so sweet with his little typewriters and his pipe and his turtlenecks, and I think she would find him atavistically adorable. And he'd be all kicked back and thinking he was so suave and dashing, and she'd just run up to him squealing about how precious he was, pinching his little cheeks and all, and he'd be all flustered and slightly disappointed and adorable.

1d. Have I expressed to you my theory concerning McKay and McGee? Because I think that all the things people mistakenly believe about Rodney re: his being a soft and cuddly woobie from whom no evil can spring are actually true about Tim. Other than the fact that they, y'know, both have spines.

2. I would like to talk to you about Sons of Anarchy; I do not watch it, but apparently it is rather good and has Ron Perlman in it. What I would like to discuss, however, is these here promotional stills. I would like to briefly outline for you my thought process, which I believe will explain to you why I feel that the costume designers are fucking with me on purpose.

You see, my thoughts went something like this: "Mitch Pileggi has a new show? ::clicks:: Mmmm, Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Unf, tattooed Mitch Pileggi in a wifebeater. Wait, is that- OH MY FUCK, THAT IS A SWASTIKA. ON HIS CHEST. I JUST OGLED A WHITE SUPREMACIST. I AM GOING TO HELL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER. GODDAMN YOU, SONS OF ANARCHY."

It is even worse in the pictures from the show, because he's rocking the little devil beard (yes that is from a different show shhh), which makes it TEN TIMES HOTTER OMG. WHY MUST THEY TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS SO. THIS HAS GOT TO BE AGAINST SOME KIND OF LAW.

3. You guys! It is fall break! Tomorrow! I am going to [ profile] leiascully and [ profile] coffeesuperhero's! I am finally to see their town! It will be AWESOME.
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Just once, I want to read a D/s AU where John and Rodney are actually gay. Hear me out on this one. )
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1. How am I supposed to get excited about the National Equality March when it's consistently being reported as "Gays and lesbians rally" for "rights for gay men and lesbians"?

Won't somebody think of the bisexuals? We think of you. Naked. All of you.

And then I rambled about being a big queer for, like, eight hundred words. )

6. This icon has nothing to do with anything; it's just that everything's better with Julian.
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1. Am finally making my way through Beyond Heaving Bosoms, which I highly recommend. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect when I bought the book; I don't think I even read the summary, because I just really like the Bitches and wanted to support them. It's a much weightier read than I expected from a Book From The Blog- there's a whole chapter analyzing the prevalence and symbolism of rape in romance, for example- and, cause the Bitches wrote it, it's also hilariously funny in places.

1a. Reading it made me realize that my massive and ill-concealed love for Weir/Caldwell is due in no small part to the fact that they're totally a romance novel couple. TL;DR: Read some )

This is a lot of text to say that somebody needs to write a romance novel pastiche/fusion starring Weir and Caldwell, STAT.

Until that happens, I'll be off reading Temporary Engagement. Again. For the third time. Did I mention I love romance novel fusions?

2. A frankly bizarre rant about costuming, thinly disguised as a request for photos )
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1. After much sojourning, I am home. Glorious home! It may interest you to note that I have the most comfortable bed in the entire universe.

And waiting for me, Turn Coat! And Starman Omnibus Vol. 2! And Comic-Con Magazine...? And also an offer from Harvard University Press to sell me a lot of Classics books. Is this because I joined the AIA?

2. Seriously, people. If I read one more fic that is written in third person limited from John's point of view, and in which Rodney is referred to in narration as "his lover" (feel free to insert any other two male characters, this rant still applies), I am going to fucking SCREAM.

I have never, in my entire adult life, heard any native speaker of English seriously refer to another person as "my lover". And Jesus Christ, especially not John. Rodney might be his buddy, or his partner, or his friend, or his um-friend (you know, you go to introduce them, and all you can think to say is, "This is my, um, friend?"), or, even though it sort of makes John feel like a 14-year-old girl, his boyfriend. But for fuck's sake, not his lover.

ETA: Now, with visual aids.

...Ironically, I think Rodney actually might use that word to refer to Katie Brown. But that is because he is Awkward Man, defender of inappropriately timed truth, cheek-kissing, and the Canadian way (politeness, obvs).

2a. Which brings me to my problem with Jack/Daniel, or, really, any fic with Daniel in it.

To understand this rant, you must first understand that m'colleague and I have a standing joke where he introduces me to prospective students as "The Linguist"- because I am the only grad student specializing in linguistic anthropology, and now that my advisor is on sabbatical, I really am the only linguist on campus.

So my problem with Jack/Daniel is that slash writers love epithets, for some ungodly reason (stupid English pronouns- this shit would never happen in Javanese). And the epithet most commonly used for Daniel in Jack/Daniel stories, behind possibly "the younger man", is "the linguist."

First of all, Daniel is a philologist; there is a difference. Secondly, it always makes my brain short out for a second, like people I don't even know are writing my self-inserts for me.

2b. Which brings me to my massive newfound love for Spock/Uhura, because the fic is full of so much linguistics lurve. It pleases me in my soul.

3. I am going to download some Corner Gas (Brent Butt, why so awesome?), eat some katsu don that my mom made for me, and type these notes. Tomorrow, I must actually do things, like call American (? maybe it's United) and go to therapy and bitch out this guy from the LSA. Woe, woe, that I should have to work in the summer. ::melodramatic sigh::
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I feel a little hypocritical weighing in on Racefail: The Colonialism Remix when I kept my mouth shut through the original Racefail. It was mostly because I didn't have anything intelligent to say, and because I was up to my ass in Bourdieu at the time.

But I find I have rather a lot to say this time around.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Patricia Wrede wrote a book called The Thirteenth Child, and, well, I'll just quote the same thing everybody's quoting:

The *plan* is for it to be a "settling the frontier" book, only without Indians (because I really hate both the older Indians-as-savages viewpoint that was common in that sort of book, *and* the modern Indians-as-gentle-ecologists viewpoint that seems to be so popular lately, and this seems the best way of eliminating the problem, plus it'll let me play with all sorts of cool megafauna). I'm not looking for wildly divergent history, because if it goes too far afield I won't get the right feel. Not that it'll be all that similar anyway; no writing plan survives contact with the characters, and it's already starting to morph.

No, really, she actually said that. Like, right on the internet in front of god and everybody. She sat down at the computer and typed that, probably read back over it to see if she misspelled anything, hit send, the whole bit.

I have debated how to present my thoughts on this, because I'm afraid that the next three paragraphs come off as me trying to establish my cred. That's not my intention; thinking about all of this has led me to ruminate on my own identity, which has always been a question of some doubt, and the things in my past that've biased me (there are a lot of them). So mostly, I'm just thinking aloud here; feel free to skip down if you only came to read about the present issue.

On the stickiness of identity )

On the present Fail )

On a completely separate, but tangentially related issue: Because this post lacks both lulz and SGA references )

Minor rant

Dec. 5th, 2005 10:53 pm
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( This is a fake cut. ). This is just a goddamn link. We don’t give a good goddamn if you give us a link or a cut. If you’re going to call it a fake cut, go to the trouble of making it look like a goddamn lj cut. If you can’t be arsed, just link us, dammit.

Now, back to Precolumbian, unless you want to hear why I hate people who compare Hitler and Bush.


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